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New work in the studio today-drawing in space

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New work in the studio today-drawing in space


My E-sketchbook is available for free today!

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My E-sketchbook is available for free today!

A summer drawing project, black & white ink drawings exploring the natural world through imagination.

painting and drawing on the wall

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Organic Structure Drawing

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Organic Structure Drawing

pen & ink on tracing paper, on top of grass

petite sculpture lining wall… found objects

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new drawing //\\ inspired by organic shape of puddles

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new drawing //\\ inspired by organic shape of puddles

new drawing…

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new drawing...

Yarn Entanglement Drawing in River

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This fall, I wandered out to the forest and woods nearby my house with my favorite color of orange yarn.  I decided to let it meet the river, creating a balancing act of drawing with intention and letting it move with the flow.  My dog, Willow, retrieved it and it turns out that we caught some river moss with it.  This practice has a remissness of fishing to me, and I am thinking about using this moss as material for later work.


Halloween etsy shop sale!

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Halloween etsy shop sale!

Because Halloween is my favorite holiday… I’m having an Etsy Shop Halloween Sale! ( 50% off through Nov. 4th)

Abstract Organic Art Print , wall art- Homunculus, Forest Fairy Face - 8x10

New Drawing in Space

In Installation, My art on October 26, 2012 at 9:53 pm

New Drawing in Space

This a drawing I am making in space with materials I find in my everyday life, like string, wires, electrical chords, ect. My process is about the ephemeral transformation and movement of this organic structure. I am beginning to collect sounds to create a vibrational landscape for the structure. What sounds do you think of when you look?  I will be posting new photos as it grows and changes…