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New work in the studio today-drawing in space

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New work in the studio today-drawing in space



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Come see my new installation + live coding( Mary S.) + sounds at Hyperkewel: Outpost

more info here :

petite sculpture lining wall… found objects

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New Drawing in Space

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New Drawing in Space

This a drawing I am making in space with materials I find in my everyday life, like string, wires, electrical chords, ect. My process is about the ephemeral transformation and movement of this organic structure. I am beginning to collect sounds to create a vibrational landscape for the structure. What sounds do you think of when you look?  I will be posting new photos as it grows and changes…

Could I say…I love the work of Jenni Rope!

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Could I say...I love the work of Jenni Rope!



Collaborative Art- Mia Pearlman -VOLUTA

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Mia Pearlman, who does amazing installation organic paper sculptures, explains the process of VOLUTA, a laser cut sculpture that is made to be assembled and installed in an everyday environment. I really like this idea, of involving others in process of creating, and I would like to incorporate this kind of collaborative-ness into some of my work.

Tord Boontje

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Tord Boontje is a designer, with roots in Holland.  I really enjoy his installations and textile work… this is an interesting read about his work:

This is a new process…

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This is a new project that I am working on.  I am was inspired by a paper installation that I saw recently… and decided that it would be a good process to make tree-like bark in my painting.  So here it goes.. I have been folding and gluing the pieces with gel matte medium, giving it kind of a pop up book look… which is fun for me, since I really enjoy pop up books.

Metamorphosis, new show!

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Metamorphosis will be showing at Beco Flowers, 1922 Baltimore Avenue, Kansas City, MO in winter 2012.  The pieces consist of mixed media oil paintings and a paper sculpture, ink on mylar.

Traveling Morphic Organism

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PhotoPhotoPhotoInk on Mylar, traveled from Utah, to Snoqualmie National Forest Washington, to Blue River Woods Missouri, and finally Ironwoods Park Kansas.