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‘Presence in Touch’- Liz Black-M.A. Thesis Exhibition Video

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People walking through the installation become performers as their bodies become part of the foggy space, created by laboriously printing organic patterns on translucent fabric. Thanks to Jas Carpenter for creating the video.


New work in the studio today-drawing in space

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New work in the studio today-drawing in space

My E-sketchbook is available for free today!

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My E-sketchbook is available for free today!

A summer drawing project, black & white ink drawings exploring the natural world through imagination.


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Come see my new installation + live coding( Mary S.) + sounds at Hyperkewel: Outpost

more info here :

petite sculpture lining wall… found objects

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new drawing //\\ inspired by organic shape of puddles

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new drawing //\\ inspired by organic shape of puddles

Earlier this fall… its adventure time!

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ImageImageImageThis is one of my favorite places to take my dog for a walk and gather new inspiration, its like entering into a tunnel into another world.


new drawing…

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new drawing...

Organic entanglement chaos.. new installation!

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Organic entanglement chaos.. new installation!

I installed this in early December at Beco Flowers in Kansas City.. it will be part of the first friday gallery walk in January. This is the creature that has been living and growing in my studio for the last few months. I stuffed it in bags to transport, it became more entangled, in a process of metamorphosis into a new creature with a fresh environment.

How cool is this?

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How cool is this?

I am really interested in this portal, maybe an entry to another world? Daniel Arsham’s three-dimensional work intrigues me.