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Collaborative Art- Mia Pearlman -VOLUTA

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Mia Pearlman, who does amazing installation organic paper sculptures, explains the process of VOLUTA, a laser cut sculpture that is made to be assembled and installed in an everyday environment. I really like this idea, of involving others in process of creating, and I would like to incorporate this kind of collaborative-ness into some of my work.


How cool is this?

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How cool is this?

I am really interested in this portal, maybe an entry to another world? Daniel Arsham’s three-dimensional work intrigues me.

New Images via Flickr!

In My art on July 20, 2012 at 7:47 pm

I just connected flickr to share images of my work! I completed this particular painting last fall… inspired by organic shapes in the sky, the moon.

Working on my etsy shop today!

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Metropolis Under the Sea

Metropolis Under the Sea… new (ish) print in my etsy shop.

This painting was inspired by the time I spent snorkeling a few summers ago in Hawaii, at Turtle Beach.  I really love the organic shape and structure of coral, and the color too.  It is a fascinating subject for painting and drawing for me.

my new work at Plug Projects crit night!

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my new work at Plug Projects crit night!

I showed new work at Plug Projects Crit night  last week.  It was insightful!

Paper sculptures by Karen Margolis… I absolutely love

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wow, beautiful shadow worlds, and organic forms! more stuff here:

Getting ready for Plug Projects Crit Night tommorow!

In My art on July 11, 2012 at 10:24 pm

This is the work that I am very excited to share at Plug Projects in Kansas City.  I completed the most recent piece, the hanging tree sculpture yesterday, and the earliest piece ( Traveling Morphic Organism) I had been installing in nature/ tree environments last Fall.  I am happy with the three-dimensional aspect of  the tree painting, and hope to be making a forest of them this summer.

Plug Projects Crit Night

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Plug Projects Crit Night

I’ve been selected to show new work at Plug Projects Critique Night in Kansas City… July 12!

Sarah Gamble

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Sarah Gamble

I just discovered Sarah Gamble’s work today. These are the kind of paintings I love… great texture, color, shapes…  Take a look at :

Tord Boontje

In Art that I love on July 5, 2012 at 4:05 pm

Tord Boontje is a designer, with roots in Holland.  I really enjoy his installations and textile work… this is an interesting read about his work: