My new big idea

In Uncategorized on March 17, 2012 at 3:53 pm

This week I came up with the big idea for my work.

I am making an installation of a web. I am a spider, collecting human memories and weaving them in space.   I think it is an all encompassing idea of all things i like to make,and have made… i think it brings a STRUCTURE, to my work… which in the past has seemed a bit random.  

I have always been attracted to organic structure and form, as I walk through my daily life.  I gather these organic images through memory and drawing, my head is completely full of them at this point..  I have tried to be an abstract painter, just making… but I also love nice children’s illustrations of animals, and people, and portraits, and now I would like to connect them in a paradoxical happening. These are some ideas that I am working with:  the childlike wonder lust of exploring the stars, the universe, and going to the moon.  All the dreams of the people, falling into space.

I sent my eye into space

I sent my monster into space

I sent my dreams into space

I am space, I am the universe


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